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Monday, May 24, 2010

Been Awhile

Have lots of exciting things going on. Of course, with spring here, and summer right around the corner, there's lots of car shows! I had the honor of painting up a replica of a German M40 WW II helmet for Vintage Torquefest. Many fantastic artists were invited to custom paint a helmet to donate to a charity auction, with proceeds to benefit 

I had a fantastic time at Vintage Torquefest, met a lot of wondrful people, got to hang with some great friends, Jeremy Schirm, Chad Lampert, Matt Marske, Ed Tillrock, Keven Carter, Nick Sinclair, Max Grundy, Jeff Tuckner, The Surf Zombies, The Porter Muffler folks...John Wells...(the list goes on!), saw some killer hot rods, and thankfully- sold a lot of art!

Next up was theRust Revival in Wayland, MO! Another great show! Donated a couple framed prints and two pinstriped panels for the charity auction put on by my Kropduster Car Club bretheren. Looking forward to hitting more shows! 

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