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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Old Favorites

Just thought I'd throw some pictures together of some of my favorites from last year. Really had a  lot of fun with these. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Less Likely Candidate for a Taildragger Kustom

For this drawing I wanted to do a taildragger, but something a little less common. I chose a 37 Chevy. I have seen a few done up as a full on custom and they looked great. Here's my dream version, the way I'd build it....if money grew on trees, of course!

I took a lot of influence for this car from the Barris brothers, and anotherof my favorite builers, Oz Kustoms.

I wanted to achieve a very well proportioned chop. I figured around 6 inches out of the rear and 4and a half out of the front. I leaned the back window forward and laid the windshield back a few degrees. Rather than do full fadeaway front fenders, I chose to take the agled body line and carry it all the way back to the rear fender.

I kept the bumpers fairly simple....Caddy style Dagmars up front connected by a small bumper that echoes the V shape of the grille. The rear bumper is two piece, and  follows the contour of the rear fenders and lowe pan. I used Dagmars again, but connected them with a narrowed 59 Impala overrider bar which frames a recessed license plate. 

For the car's paint, I wanted to try and pull off a deep candy red hue, which required a lot of layering of marker colors, various shades of browns, tans and even some blues. I was really happy with the results! Hope you enjoy the car as much as I enjoyed creating it! Feel free to comment if you'd like.