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Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Tees & New Happenings

Well, I finally bit the bullet and saved up some Benjamins to get some Jones Design tee shirts done! People have been asking me for years to get some done up. So here they are...Available in size Large, XL and XXL for a mere $20.00 + Shipping: The design is a light grey on a black tee. Sure to please the eye!

I also had the honor of being invited to submit a few paintings for the "Enamel" show at Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo, CA! The show was put togethter by Jason "3-Sheets" Janes and features some of the best Low Brow/Car Kulture artists in the world. I have the honor of having my art hang alongside the likes of Max Grundy, Steve Caballero, 3- Sheets, Kal, Ghost, Makoto, and many others. 
Here are my two pieces for the show:

The show began on Saturday, August 7th and runs through September 18th. I am so stoked to be a part of this show! 

I spent last weekend at the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, KY representing in our booth there. It was a great time and wonderful to meet Charlie Smith, Darrell Mayabb and Keith Daleen. I also had the pleasure of seeing Lance and Diane Sorchik again. Also a treat was getting to hang out with Larry Williams and collaborate on a '41 Willys 'toon, and also meet fellow automotive artists Colter O'Dell and Mike Lomaka! Great bunch of fellas! I had a blast. Meeting Ron Martinez(ower of the 1967-1968 AMBR winner- the Invader) and Egon Nacelis' family was a privilege.