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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Against the Grain: The Skateboard Deck as Art

Here's my latest...a skatedeck for Steve Caballero's upcoming gallery show at Gasoline in El Segundo, CA!

I was honored to invited to take part in the show alongside greats like The Pizz, Damian Fulton, Johnny Ace & Kali, Doug Dorr, Jason "3- Sheets" Janes, Ghost, Makoto, Mr. Wim (Jaime Trevino), Rich Luna... the list goes on. Super stoked that my good buddy Chad "Mototooner" Lampert will be sending out a deck too!

Well....heres my entry:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Hunnert Car Pileup #9

This year, the Hunnert Car Pileup moved from Morris, IL (near Chicago) to the Central Illinois town of Decatur. The Chrome Czars put on such a great show every year, but they had finally outgrown their old location. For the first time at the new location called Progress City expo grounds, the show went great. Wather was in the upper 80's, barely a cloud in the sky, and an ocean of bad ass hotrods. The pre-party on Friday night, October 8th was held on the town square in the little town of Clinton, IL.

I was set up along with my great friends Chad Lampert and Ed's our booths!

Busy Boy Continued....

These are just half the illustrations I've completed in addition to multiple designs I can't publish yet. Yes, I've been busy....but having serious fun!

Been a Busy Boy......

I know, I know! I haven't posted shit in a long while. Been neglecting the ole blog like an unwanted bastard child! Believe me, I feel guilty. But, like the title says, I have been a busy boy of late.

Let me first start by giving a huge shout out and a GIANT thank you to John Dunn! He purchased my enamel painting titled "A New Way to Fly" from the Gasoline Gallery "Enamel" show curated by Jason"3-Sheets" Janes. John is a great due and a huge collector of lowbrow art. I am not only proud, but very honored that he found a piece of my art worthy of becoming a part of his legendary collection. Again, thanks, brotha!

Secondly, and no less important, an enormous thank you to Ian Monroe of Minneapolis for purchasing "Quite Frankly." My second painting submitted for the "Enamel" show. (See pics in my previous post). I had the pleasure of meeting Ian last month. What a great dude. And his passion for pinstriping and lowbrow art is inspiring! Thanks again, man!

Now, I've continued hitting the brushes and still keeping up with all of my illustration projects, tattoo designs, logo design and family life in general. Well....without further's a portion of the shit I've been working on. First...the enamel stuff: